21 things to do at Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre

Here's a handy list of 21 + 2 things to do when your meetings break out at Loon Lake Lodge and Retreat Centre in Maple Ridge. From exploring carnivorous plants to tracking down old whiskey bottles, and testing your wit in our new Escape Room, this list will get you connecting back to nature and our forests.

1.) Visit the 600 year old dead cedar snag just past the east end of the ferry on the Lake trail

2.) Look for evidence of glaciers scraping the rocks on the sides of Loon Lake

3.) Visit the carnivorous sundew plants on the edge of Lost Lake

4.) Hike out to the island on the driftwood from the mouth of Lost Creek

5.) Meditate with a coffee on the ferry at mid channel.

6.) Listen to the Kingfishers working the lake shore.

7.) Watch the cutthroat trout spawning from the footbridge on the south Loon trail.

8.) Look for the remains of the shake cutters trails from the 1930’s along the edges of east side of the lake.

9.) Imagine what the old growth at the Knapp Reserve looked like when European settlers first explored Western Canada.

10.) Walk over the Indiana Jones bridge between L road and the Lake Trail on the east side of the lake.

11.) Find the abandoned weir on the stream coming out of Lost Lake

12.) Walk to the end of L road and see the view of Pitt Lake from the second spur road to the right – look for turkey vultures there

13.) Hike out on the knoll in the middle of Blaney Lake and watch the Osprey that lives there.

14.) Look for nighthawks at dusk along the lakeshore

15.) Listen to the sounds of kids playing from across the lake.

16.) Walk over to the stump house trail

17.) Make snow angels on the dock

18.) Sit by the fire in the Bentley Hall with a hot drink when you are soaking wet from a hike.

19.) Hear the dinner bell ring after a long day in the woods.

20.) Visit the site of the sawmill that cut the original cabins at Loon Lake (see sign shelter at camp entrance)

21.) Look for old whiskey bottles along the edges of M road and imagine Pappy Knapp’s Packard going by.

We’ve added 2 more fun things to do since we originally published this blog post!

22.) Challenge yourself on our 2.5 km Play Circuit (AKA the Timber Cruiser Circuit). Who doesn’t love slack-lines and monkey-bars in the forest?

23.) Team up with friends and try and break out of Loon Lake’s Educational Escape Room: the HEM-lock room.