Looking beyond the Studio: What to look for in a yoga retreat

Feeling the need to find your bliss, clear your mind and rejuvenate your spirit? Why not consider a yoga retreat. 

Yoga retreats have exploded in popularity as people realize that slowing down, looking inwards and being more mindful helps us to live longer and work better. The rise of a new generation of retreats designed with our modern lives in mind means that you don't need to journey to a mountaintop ashram to find peace anymore.

Whether it’s across the ocean in a far away land or a secluded resort closer to home, finding the right retreat that fits exactly with what you are looking for is important and can make or break your experience. 

Here is our list of top three things to consider when choosing a yoga retreat:

   1. Location, location, location

Just like real estate, finding that perfect location for your yoga retreat is key. While it might seem important to choose a place that you’ve always wanted to go, be sure to consider the setting. Think about finding a retreat that will inspire your spirit and your yoga practice. Perhaps it’s beachside in a tropical setting, deep in the mountains, or surrounded by the grace of Mother Nature. Whatever and wherever it is, select a place that lifts your soul.

   2. Love thy teacher

Get to know the teachers at the retreat BEFORE you go. Find out more about their experience, not just as a teacher but in running yoga retreats. You want to find instructors that will be knowledgable, patient and helpful. You want a yoga teacher that will hold space for growth throughout your time together. You want someone that has experience with the specific retreat centre as well as the local area so that they can guide you with confidence throughout your stay.

   3. The price is right

Retreats are generally priced inclusive of everything except for transportation but make sure to check. This takes the pressure off worrying about overspending and so that you can fully embrace your retreat experience. Keep in mind that the cheapest price may be reflective of the number guests. In relation to the cost of the trip, think about the length of your retreat. Retreats can be as short as a two-night weekend retreat or 10 days or longer. Longer doesn’t always mean better. Some times all we need is a weekend away to re-set and re-boot.  

Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre has been a favourite retreat location for yogis from across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. The spectacular natural surroundings help to inspire the soul while the freshly made, locally inspired menu nourishes the body. Offering a range of accommodation options for all budgets, Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre is the perfect escape from the city.