Put your knowledge of wildfire ecology and species ID to the test, and try your best to break out of the Hem-LOCK Escape Room! This unique escape room tasks participants to work together to save the Malcolm Knapp Research Forest from a rampaging wildlife before the timer runs out. Do you have what it takes to work together and break out before it’s too late? While locating clues and solving puzzles, participants will also learn about the causes, the dangers, the benefits, and mitigation of forest fires.

The Hem-Lock room is a great evening add-on activity for any high-school youth or adult groups staying at Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre.


The guide will explain the rules of the escape room before leading your group inside and “locking” you in. Once locked inside, the game will begin and the 45-minute timer will start.

Your group will then begin exploring each of the connected rooms, looking for clues and solving puzzles and challenges one-by-one, as you work collectively towards your escape. Make it out of the last room before the 45-minute timer runs out to solve the escape room!


Escape rooms are for all people who like having fun, who enjoy playing games and are looking for something new to do. Whether you are a group of friends, family members, or coworkers, everyone will find something they enjoy.

Escape rooms are also excellent for team-building. Once the door closes, your group will be focused on the singular goal of working together and trying to escape.

The Escape Room accommodates groups up to 5 participants at a time, costs $60, and each group gets a maximum of 45 minutes to try and solve the room.