You need more nature today, because of these 4 reasons.

At Loon Lake Lodge and Retreat Centre we're big advocates for creating connections between nature and our personal well-being. We believe natural connections create an improved sense of self, and a 'groundedness' found by no other means. Nature creates spacial awareness, gratitude and presence; and here are 4 BIG reasons why nature is important for you, today.

1) There is nothing artificial with nature. We live with screens, and our connections with a digital world are grow deeper roots every day. We are losing connections with the tangible things in life, things like personal relationships and time spent outdoors. Leaves, tree bark, moss, rain, wind, and wildlife - it's all real, and it's ready for you to explore.

2) There are no politics on a walk in the forest. Regardless of your political views, this is a noisy time. Walking in the woods is a retreat from the polarizing effects of politics and hyper-charged media. It won't impact the outcome, but it will give you a quiet and needed reprieve.

3) Forest bathing has known scientific benefits to our health and well-being. Science has confirmed over and over again, that time among trees can positively impact our moods, our stress levels, and even our immune systems. If you are feeling down, anxious or agitated 'taking a hike' can be one of the best medicines around. 

4.) Nature is an amazing teacher. Where can we find a better teacher to teach about harmony, space and balance? What better environment is there to learn about cause and effects, and the dependency and impacts from one thing to another? Where else can see, feel, and touch what can only be described as the delicate balance between all living things.