Pinnacle Pursuits


Pinnacle Pursuits is a leader in providing world-class outdoor adventure programs, leadership trainings, and award winning team-building events for both youth and corporate groups alike.

Activities offered:

  • Low Ropes Challenge Course

  • High Ropes Challenge Course

  • Rappelling

  • Rock Climbing

  • Land-based Survival Skills, such as Archery, Shelter Building, Fire Making, Knots & Ropes.

Learn the skills and techniques surrounding wilderness survival and safety through various outdoor activities and practices while immersing oneself in a beautiful natural environment.

Wilderness Exploration: Canoeing, Orienteering, Ecology, and Wildlife Studies. During this exploration and discovery, place-based educational experience, participants will have a chance to truly connect with nature while developing skills in Canada’s various traditional pastimes.

Team Building Initiatives: Low Ropes Challenge Course, Raft Building, Survivor Pursuits. Intentionally facilitated exercises and team initiatives are designed to challenge individuals and groups to work together, communicate effectively, problem solve and build trust.

Interactive Workshops & Conferences: Tailored to meet your group needs, these are customized and interactive experiences that take learning outside of the classroom and achieve your core curriculum mandates.

Topics may include:

● Group dynamics, team development and leadership

● Application of creative and critical thinking

● Personal and social awareness and responsibility

● Environment education and stewardship

Corporate Programs: Energize your People and Inspire Action!

Imagine a corporate offsite or retreat that truly engages and connects your people by combining the best of education, creativity, challenge, and adventure!

● Infuse energy & enthusiasm

● Inspire vision &creativity

● Break silos & build bridges

● Understand & engage team strengths

● Elevate individual & group potential

● Celebrate successes & have fun!

Whether a stand-alone workshop, a series of custom training sessions, or a high impact team-building event, you can be sure that a strategically facilitated Pinnacle Pursuits experience will be directly applicable to your organizational culture, leadership vision and team dynamics.

Options may include:

Team Building Events & Adventures: Try our Tribal Spirit Challenge, Serious Play, Amazing

Adventure Race, High or Low Ropes Course, Survivor Pursuits, or a combination Adventure-Play Day!

Skill Development and Interactive Learning Workshops: These may include a carefully designed and facilitated session that focus on Visioning, Strategic Planning, Communication, Problem-solving, Personality Assessments or Change & Transition Management.

Our skilled team of facilitators and trainers have designed and delivered programs for corporations, destination management companies, sports teams, community organizations, and post-secondary institutions, both locally and globally.

Whatever your objectives, Pinnacle Pursuits’ award-winning experiences are guaranteed to be refreshing, educational, fun and result-focussed!

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