Loon Lake Lodge and Retreat Centre is proud to partner with UBC Wild & Immersive. Wild & Immersive delivers an unparalleled outdoor educational experience that provides youth and adults the opportunity to build confidence and connectivity within a natural environment. Whether you are looking for a half-day outdoor team-building experience or a 3-day immersive field-camp, Wild & Immersive will plan a program to meet your objectives and enhance your connection with the outdoors.


Wild & Immersive’s Wild Youth programs are developed for pre-school to grade twelve students.

Sprouts Program (pre-school to grade 3)

This program focuses on planting the seed of environmental curiosity by facilitating place-based nature connections for younger-aged students. With a variety of BC based modules, we explore the forest from microscopic critters to ancient old-growth trees. Students will grow a deep rooted appreciation for their natural surroundings that can inspire further classroom teachings or environmental study. Modules incorporate all elements of outdoor learning and encourage students to develop hypothesizing, listening, observing, questioning, and discussing skills. Learn More.

Seedlings Program (grade 4  to grade 7)

Students will have the opportunity to branch out of their comfort zones and learn hands-on in a natural setting. Seedling modules provide students with the opportunity to understand how they, as well as all living things, sense and respond to the natural environment. From learning and observing the stages of local trout development to practicing the basics of wilderness survival, Seedling modules utilize both exploratory and directed learning environments. Learn More.

Saplings Program (grade 8 to grade 12)

These programs have been crafted to facilitate place-based learning and ecological enlightenment through exploratory adventures and academic modules. Students will critically analyze real-world issues by observing them on a more local and immersive scale. Our modules focus on developing prior knowledge of natural environments and understanding the interconnected nature of various ecosystem components. Students can gain practical field experience while strengthening their teamwork, communication, observation, and problem solving skills. Learn More.


Wild & Immersive’s Immersive Adults programs are designed to offer educational and collaborative outdoor experiences.

Wild Connections (applied learning)

Our Wild Connections program has been developed to deepen understanding and appreciation of the natural world. These modules have been created to enhance communication and meaningful connections between people and place. Participants can gain new tangible skills while immersed in British Columbia’s iconic forests,  that range from ecological literacy to wilderness survival tactics and many more. Learn More. 

Wild Growth (team building)

Only outside the comfort zone can there be growth. Our Wild Growth program has been developed to cultivate and strengthen leadership, communication, mindfulness, and physical literacy skills in a natural setting. These modules have been created to promote personal development and team connections in a fun and relaxed environment. While immersed in the beautiful forests of British Columbia, participants can gain greater understanding of themselves, their teammates, and the natural world. Learn More.