Introducing Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat's Wellness & Fitness Services

Loon Lake Lodge and Retreat Centre is proud to offer a range of wellness add-ons to enhance your retreat experience. Loon Lake has teamed up with local aromatherapists, wellness practitioners, fitness and yoga instructors. Whether it is a yoga class by the lake or a workshop on nature therapy, these services are customized specifically for your group and are intended to support one’s personal well-being. Group services start at $120/hr.



Flow: A dynamic style of Yoga in which you will build heat, endurance, flexibility and strength.

Power: Power Yoga is an athletic style of yoga aimed at strengthening the body and mind while at the same time releasing tension to deepen your practice.

Hatha: Hatha Yoga is a style of yoga that is even paced, that focuses on increasing flexibility in the body and de-stressing the mind.

Yin: The Yin class provides a deep stretch primarily focusing on ligaments and connective tissues. Yin Yoga is an excellent choice for athletes as it helps open the hips, pelvis and lower spine. The class ends with the soothing and nourishing supported poses of restorative relaxation.

Restorative: A soothing and nurturing practice that promotes many health benefits, such as: relaxation, lowered heart rate, lowered blood pressure, and improved sleep.

Partner: Together with a partner, you will be guided through fundamental poses and transitions that will de-stress and decompress the body, while challenging you on your communication skills. All classes include stretching, strengthening, and flying techniques that have tremendous healing and therapeutic benefits.

Kids: Kids yoga will promote kids' balance, concentration, flexibility, and strength. These skills complement other extracurricular activities, such as: soccer, hockey, football, dance, and gymnastics. Classes will engage kids in individual, partner, and group settings with fun interactive games. The principle behind kids yoga is to build self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness through playful movement.

Stand-up paddle boarding: Stand-Up Paddle-boarding and Yoga are combined to teach breathing, movement, and balance, while enjoying the lake and surrounding forest.

Meditation: Explore a gentle, guided meditation in a calm and comfortable setting. Inspire the mind, ground the body, and deepen your self-connection.


Aromatherapy 101: Learn about true aromatherapy and safe use of pure, genuine, and authentic essential oils.


TRX Timber - 1 station - 1 Hour

TRX Suspension Training® is a fitness technique that uses a suspension harness and the weight of your own body to perform a variety of over 400 different cardiovascular and strength exercises, ranging in ability levels from beginner to advanced. Take it to the next level and join our outdoor TRX Timber workout on the TRX Station of the Timber Cruiser Circuit.

Timber Cruiser Half Circuit - 3 stations - 1 Hour

Take your workout outside on a variety of 3 of the stations on our Timber Cruiser Circuit. One minute intervals will have you moving through the stations, building up strength, balance, focus and endurance in this class. Combinations of TRX, balance beams, pull up bars, and climbing techniques to increase overall health, all in the great outdoors.

Timber Cruiser Full Circuit - 6 stations 2.5km - 2.5 Hours

Full Timber Cruiser Circuit workout is a full workout. With a run to each station, an exercise on the Scrambled Logs, the Stacked Logs, The Staggered Bars, The Climbing Wall, The Monkey Bars and the Slackline, you will be testing balance, strength, climbing, agility, focus and endurance, resulting in the complete body workout, all in the great outdoors.

Indoor Core Circuit Training - 1 Hour

Core Circuit Training works with a variety of exercises to keep the muscles challenged, the mind focused and the body toned. Combined with TRX, mat work, resistance bands, cardio and more Circuit Training will be felt in the core of your being. All levels welcome. Running shoes required.


Dissolve stress with Nature & Science - 1.5 Hours +

Experience and learn about the benefits of Nature Therapy surrounded by some of BC’s most pristine lakes and forest at Loon Lake Lodge and Retreat Centre!

Explore tools and techniques designed by nature & tested by science to help individuals, teams, and organizations adapt to change, build resilience to stress, and improve relationships. Learn simple practices to connect with nature anytime and anywhere, that can be applied quickly and in the moment, to ground yourself, communicate clearly, and make decisions with more ease.

We will be practicing simple and fun techniques from a variety of ancient wise traditions as well as delving into the modern practices of Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing), HeartMath®, Ecotherapy, and more!

There will be a variety of both indoor and outdoor activities depending on the length of program and specific needs of the group &/or participants.

Please wear comfortable, weather appropriate clothing and footwear.

For group or team workshops, program content and length can be customized to suit the group’s needs and preferences. Times can range from 90 minutes - 8 hours in length and range in price from $500 - $2400. Multiple day events/retreats are also available.

Individual Nature Therapy Coaching Sessions – $185 / 90-minute session




Karen is a Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (1000+) and loves to teach many yoga styles, including Pre and Post-Natal Yoga & Fitness, TRX, and Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga). Karen teaches at the Red Door Yoga 200 & 500 Hour Teacher Training Programs at her studio Epic Yoga & Fitness. She's an Alumni Ambassador for Lululemon Coquitlam and was a presenter at Wanderlust Whistler Yoga Conference 2014.




Growing up playing various sports, Chelsea has a deep understanding of the importance of yoga for sport injury prevention and living a happy and healthy life. Chelsea spent the past year travelling and living abroad, where she completed her 200h YTT from Kula Collective in Bali. Chelsea has a strong love and passion for community connection and the benefits yoga has with creating a sense of community.

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Amy Reedman, RA® EOT® is the founder of The Blending Bar®, Learning Lounge and Wellness Room. She developed the innovative Success with Integrity® and Inspired Self-Care® programs and has been a Registered Aromatherapist® since 2001. Amy's work is a refreshing blend of mindfulness, aromatherapy, energy work, yoga, EFT™ Tapping, TRE® Trauma Release Exercises, and The Work® of Byron Katie.



Adrianna thoroughly enjoys sharing her positivity and her zest for life with her students. Adrianna believes that everything you need in life, your strength, your courage and your love, is already within you. Adrianna looks forward to meeting you on the mat or wherever your paths may cross.

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Terry has been practicing Yoga for 15 years and graduated as a RDY 200 from Red Door Yoga in 2015. Terry is certified to teach Hatha yoga, Power yoga, Yin Yoga and Kids Yoga. Terry also hosts an annual retreat at Loon Lake in September. You can visit Epic Yoga Studio to learn more.



Cheney, founder of One Green Square Wellness Consulting, is a Change Management Consultant, Horticultural Therapy Specialist, and HeartMath® Certified Coach. She weaves together the science of the heart & brain with a passion for nature to create engaging activities & transformational Nature Therapy programs. For 15+ years, Cheney has been a personal coach and professional facilitator with a focus on wellness practices that are simple, practical, fun to apply, and profoundly effective. Visit to explore more.